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Aerial Sports Coaching

Trampoline and dive coaching. Aerial Sports Academy works with all athletes, at all abilities and all levels, whether you are there to have fun, or to be an Olympic Champion.

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What is AirSkills?

We have partnered with TriSkills Australia to bring an after school program called AirSkills.

AirSkills is fully insured and is a fun and engaging way for kids to get involved in aerial sports, learning to jump, to run, to flip and to spin.

Why do AirSkills?

The AirSkills program is community focussed, giving kids a safe space develop confidence and self esteem, all while improving strength, balance and coordination. AirSkills sets kids up for life and for sport

Can I try it out?

We are running AirSkills on Tuesday nights in Mount Evelyn, come and trial for free, then join our 6 or 8 week program.

Or come session by session for $20. Bookings are essential.

Free lesson on August 13


AirSkills programs are portable, and we can run them after school hours, in any school gym or community hall. Contact Ryan at to enquire about us coming to your area.

Supplementary Coaching and Cross Training

Our coaches are highly skilled and versatile, with university educations and elite experience

We have experience with a wide range of sports: including freestyle skiing, gymnasts and circus, just to name a few

We are open to working with any athlete, from any sport to improve their performance

Performance Services

Athletic Development

Strength and conditioning and personal development. Our ASCA accredited coaches support and train athletes.


We are partnered with Cuzzie Performance so that our competitive members get discounted physio and services

Sports Science

Our team includes sports scientists and biomechanics experts. We can analyse performance and athleticism, providing training recomendations

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Athlete members get the performance services all for one subscription

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Workshops and clinics

You can book us in for your professional development. We run workshops on performance mechanics, coaching techniques and the soft-skills of coaching. All our workshops are thoroughly developed and customised to you. We go through a stringent research process and deliberate planning to make the workshops practical and engaging.