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Aerial Sports Coaching

Aerial sports are sports with a complex aerial acrobatic component. Primarily, Aerial Sports Academy is focussed on trampolining, aerial skiing and diving. All of these sports are unique, yet they share the same biomechanical principles and share some common practices.

We work with all athletes, at all abilities and all levels, whether you are there to have fun, or to be an Olympic Champion.

Our Programs


AirSkills is our recreational program. It is fun, helping kids aged 6-12 build confidence and develop a healthy relationship with sport and physical activity. AirSkills is run in schools and local halls and gives kids a taste of aerial sports while they learn fundamental movement skills such as running, jumping, landing and rolling.

Trampoline and Diving classes

We are partnered with the best trampoline and diving clubs in the state to provide competitive trampoline and diving classes.

Depending on your goals, these classes can help you win Olympic gold or they can simply be for recreation and leisure.

Supplementary Coaching

Trampoline and diving are not your main sport? Our supplementary programs are customised and personally tailored programs to help you achieve success in your sport. Perhaps you need a little more aerial awareness so that you can backflip your bmx or perhaps you just need to learn how to jump higher and avoid landing injuries such as ACL's and ankle sprians.

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What is AirSkills?

We have partnered with TriSkills Australia to bring an after school program called AirSkills.

AirSkills is fully insured and is a fun and engaging way for kids to get involved in aerial sports, learning to jump, to run, to flip and to spin.

Why do AirSkills?

The AirSkills program is community focussed, giving kids a safe space develop confidence and self esteem, all while improving strength, balance and coordination. AirSkills sets kids up for life and for sport

Can I try it out?

We are running AirSkills on Tuesday nights in Mount Evelyn, come and trial for free, then join our 6 or 8 week program.

Or come session by session for $20. Bookings are essential.

Are you ready? Your first AirSkills lesson is always free
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Supplementary Coaching

Aerial skills training can an excellent addition to the program of any athlete who gets airborne in their sport. Learning how to land safely, maximise air time, and develop aerial awareness has benefits for almost everyone

Our coaches are highly skilled and versatile. Qualifications such as a bachelor of exercise and sports science, ASCA accreditation and sports specific coaching accreditations are expected. Not to mention their experience in high performance and development programs

We have experience with a wide range of sports, having worked with freestyle skiing, gymnasts, football and circus, just to name a few. We are confident that our coaches can develop a tailored program to benefit you



Ryan Hatfield

Ryan Hatfield is one of our senior coaches and the founder of Aerial Sports Academy. Ryan is an acomplised athelte, having represented Australia at 5 world championships and being recognised by the FIG as a world class athlete after winning a bronze medal at the trampoline world championships. Ryan loves to share his sport with the next generation and he does talks and demonstrations for schools.

Ryan is behind the scenes everywhere, holding committee positions at Omega Trampoline Sports Club and the Gymnastics Victoria High Performance Advisory board, all while running a business that teaches gymnastics to tens of thousands of kids each year.

Ryan is a great role model and natural leader who can achieve big goals and inspire people along his journey. With a bachelor's degree in Exercise and Sports Science and a major in Sports Coaching, Ryan is also a highly experienced coach, working for organisations such as the Victorian Institute of Sport and Omega Trampoline Sports Club.

When he is not involved in sport and business, Ryan values people and experiences, spending time with his friends and his dog while going out adventuring and camping around Australia.

Sarah McClary

Sarah McClary is one of our senior coaches. Sarah has an abundance of experience teaching gymnastics in primary schools. She has competed as an athlete in both trampolining and diving.

Sarah is also familiar with program coordination as the head Diving coach at Methodist Ladies College. Studying a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science at Deakin University, Sarah is majoring in Applied Science and Sports Coaching.

A passionate equality advocate, Sarah wants to support everyone through their sports journey.

Sarah is particularly interested in researching and supporting women's needs in sport, especially through pregnancy and motherhood. She also strives to make sure we cater to the needs of those who have disabilities.

When she is not coaching, Sarah is a skilled costume creator and enjoys getting dressed up, she loves to explore and go out adventuring in the woods, the desert and the snow!


Athletic Development

Strength and Conditioning

Our ASCA accredited coaches work with your individual physiology to maximise your performance and reduce injury risks

Personal Development

We take a holistic approach to athletic development because we know that best performances come when we are happy, motivated, fit and well looked after

Sports Science

Our team includes sports science and biomechanics experts. We can analyse your performance and athleticism, providing training recomendations

Personalised and proffessional athletic developement, just for you
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The Coach Letter

The Coach Letter is an educational resources for coaches and proffesionals working within aerial sports. Our researchers find high quality scientific papers and translate the detailed technical science into real world language.

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Workshops and Clinics

You can book us in for your professional development. We run workshops on performance mechanics, coaching techniques and the soft-skills of coaching. All our workshops are thoroughly developed and customised to you. We go through a stringent research process and deliberate planning to make the workshops practical and engaging.